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Households within the Huntingdonshire District have started to receive their £150 government energy payment today to help with rising energy bills.  Huntingdonshire District Council is responsible for administering the local payments to households living in properties in council tax bands A – D who are entitled to the payment.

Homes in the district are receiving £150 made to the person who is liable for council tax. The one-off payment does not have to be repaid.

To begin with, the new government energy payment is being made to Huntingdonshire households who have had their first council tax instalment in April and currently pay their council tax to the council by Direct Debit. A payment will be made direct to their bank account – provided it matches to the liable party for council tax bill payments. Just over £6.4million has been paid to those households who are entitled.

Chief operating officer at Huntingdonshire District Council, John Taylor, said: “We are pleased to announce that payments to Direct Debit council tax bill payers have started today. “We will also be contacting those households who do not make payments by Direct Debit. The letter will explain how these households go about receiving the payment.

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“Only those who receive letters will need to complete the form, and people don’t need to contact us – we will contact them. The Council will never call you on the telephone or send you a text message to ask for your bank details in order to pay the Council Tax energy payment.”

About the Huntingdonshire scheme:
1.  Those who pay their council tax by direct debit will receive a payment direct to their bank account, providing that the name on the account matches the liableparty for council tax purposes.
2. We will invite non-Direct Debit payers to apply for the payment and provide their bank details. We will need to do anti-fraud checks first before we can use those details to make payments.
3. We must accurately validate contact names and bank details to avoid any errors. Residents do not need to contact the council as we will write to everyone who is entitled to the rebate to explain how they can receive the payment.
4. Remember, we will never call on the telephone or send you a text message to ask for your bank details in order to pay the Council Tax energy rebate.
More details can be found on the Council’s website at Energy Bill Rebate –