Skate Park and Barn Close Play Area to Remain Closed

Skate Park and Barn Close Play Area to Remain Closed

As you may have heard, the Government has advised that play areas are able to re-open from this Saturday, 4thJuly.  The re-opening is conditional on the owners of the sites (so, in Stilton, the Parish Council) being able to put in place sufficient measures to manage the risk of COVID-19.  If we are unable to do that, it may constitute a breach of health and safety law.

The Parish Council places paramount importance on the health of Stilton’s residents (children and adults alike) and, in accordance with Government guidelines and the requirements of our insurers, carried out Risk Assessments on both Barn Close play area and the Skate Park this week and determined that, at this time, we cannot provide a safe play environment for users.  This means, for the time being, we will keep Barn Close play area and the Skate Park closed. Both risk assessments are available to view on our website– under Parish Council > Policies and Procedures Documents.

Additionally, in our yearly RoSPA inspection of the Skate Park, repair works were detailed that would be of benefit to the Skate Park and we are aiming to use this time of closure to carry those works out.  The RoSPA report on both the Skate park and Barn Close can also be found on our website.

We kindly ask that people do not use the Skate Park while it is closed due to Covid-19 and the repair works that will take place.  We also politely request that people continue to observe the closure of Barn Close due to Covid-19.  We aim to have both play areas open as soon as it is safe to do so and understand the disappointment residents might feel at these amenities remaining closed.

Please forward any questions to the Clerk of the Parish Council by emailing

Thank you

Stilton Parish Council