When a planning application is made, usually to the District Council, the Parish Council will be informed of the application.  It is then the Parish Council’s role to:

  • Represent local views
  • Provide local knowledge
  • Raise areas of concern

Planning applications are discussed at monthly Parish Council meetings and a recommendation made back to the District Council.  When an application is considered to have an impact on a proportion of residents, we will usually hold a public forum to hear residents views and concerns, which we as a Parish Council will then report back to the District Council.  It is important to understand that whilst the Parish Council is consulted about applications, and that we do give feedback to the planning department at the District Council, we are not involved in the final decision making process.

Where there are concerns about planning applications, the Parish Council will raise these with the planning authority, however it is important than residents also make their concerns known by submitting comments to the District Council.

To search for current planning applications, please CLICK HERE to visit the local planning application portal and select the correct parish.