Gala Close Open Space

Purchase of Gala Close Open Space as a Village Asset

Parish Council Purchases Gala Close Open Space as a Village Asset

The Parish Council has purchased Gala Close Open Space from Jelson Homes as an asset for the village and drawn up a Letter of Commitment to outline plans for the land as detailed below …


To all Stilton residents

The Parish Council purchased Gala Close Open Land from Jelson Homes in June 2022 for £1 plus legal costs of £1,195.56 (including VAT).  This was to ensure the land remains a space for the village to use for residents today and future generations.

The Parish Council would like to inform parishioners that the Parish Council commits to maintain the land as a public open space or a children’s play area, provided that the land shall not be used for a children’s play park before the expiration of 20 years from the date of the Transfer (TP1).