Stilton Parish Council is the third tier of local government covering the village of Stilton. The second tier is Huntingdonshire District Council and the first is Cambridgeshire County Council.   For more information on how local government works, see here.

The Parish Council aims to provide services for the village of Stilton, within the resources provided by the annual budget (precept) from HDC, considering the wishes of village residents and the need to obtain value for money. The Parish Council applies for grants when and where it can to provide additional facilities.

Your Parish Council is responsible for the maintenance of most, but not all, of the grassed areas throughout the parish, the upkeep and maintenance of the Pavilion and Playing Field, Bus Shelters, Village Signs, Benches and Noticeboards.  It is also responsible for the maintenance of the Parish Room.

The Parish Council is supported in its work by three committees:

  • The Finance, General Purposes and Communications Committee;
  • The Staffing Subcommittee
  • The Amenities Management Committee

The Parish Council also has a number of Working Groups:

  • Traffic and Parking Working Group
  • Pavilion Working Group
  • Editorial Working Group
  • Green Spaces Working Group
  • Cemetery Working Group
  • Neighbourhood Plan Working Group
  • Planning Working Group

All Councillors are required to declare any interests in agenda items and withdraw from discussion should a conflict of interest arise.

The Council is a body that is distinct from its members (either as individuals or collectively) and its acts and liabilities are its own and not those of its members.